Saturday, August 18, 2012

Steamy Shoot Edit # 2

Here is another pic from our fabulous playdate:-

Corset:- Forge Fashion
Model:- Lady Dread
Photography & Editing:-Trinitynavar

*I have so many wonderful images that I really just want to keep editing, but since I have other things to do - must be a good girl and not let my self get too carried away (I can always get back to it latter in the week)!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Steamy Shoot Edit #1

Heres my first edit from the corsets shoot (playdate) I did with Lady Dread:-

Corset:- Forge Fashion
Model:- Lady Dread
Photography & Editing:-Trinitynavar

Working with Lady Dread....

Over the last few weeks I've been organising a bit of a play date with my newest model the lovely 'Lady Dread'. We do have some professional photo shoots planned for sometime in the not to distant future, but in the mean time I wanted to have ago at my usual wayward photography and editing (never miss an opportunity to practice), so let me introduce you to her ......

Necklace:- Forge Fashion
Model:- Lady Dread
Photography & Editing:- *Trinitynavar

 *What I like to call myself when I change hats!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

18th Century Rehash....

This is actually one of my earlier pieces made in 2004 while I was doing the Carol London corset making class here in Christchurch. After a bit of a freshen up, it's ready to live anew.....

 18th Century Corset

This lovely corset is headed off  to one of my previous models Miss Tempest for an intended photo shoot in Wellington.

*I have some amateur photography planned for latter this week with model Lady Dread which means I should have some new pics for you next week :)

I am also looking forward to working with some lovely local talent on some fabulous new projects over the coming months (yay for creative collaborating with actual grownups).

Symbols of Strength....

I recently went to check out the two cast bronze bulls on the corner of Madras and Tuam Street as part of a Michael  Parekowhai exhibition here in Christchurch. Set against the back drop of the central city (which is still very much in the demolition/rebuilding stage) it had a very erie yet comforting effect. Situated one lot away from where the CTV building once stood, the bulls seemed a very kind distraction indeed - and very appropriate too, for in the face of loss and change the bull is a welcome symbol of fertility and strength for the future!

Before arriving in Christchurch, they were shown at the Venice biennial and exhibited in Paris.
The exhibition is based on a poem by John Keats called Looking into Chapman's Homer.