Thursday, May 30, 2013

Beads beads and more....

Ok, on to my latest piece.......PVC dripping in beads!!!! Mmmmm - yummy!

Hoping to get a photo shoot under way as asap......and I also have another PVC corset to finish - though this one is more colourful and has tails (think military/ringleader).

I have so many things planned, half finished and on the go, I really wish I could clone myself and truly take flight!!! LOL yes I'm a small time designer living in a big world always trying to meet the ambitious marks set either by myself or others (of course all this while wearing my PJ's at camp 'mother nutter').

Anyway, customer orders coming up include an a full costume for one of our local burlesque girls, a lovely lace covered overbust, a steampunk overbust and something tasty for the lovely tightlacing Kathy Chin.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ara Cyanide for Forge Fashion

It's wonderful to see my items out in the world gracing the body of gorgeous women......this month I'm lucky enough to see another gorgeous kiwi model in her Forge wears. Here is the absolutely stunning  Ara Cyanide
wearing her Forge Fashion Corset & Collar Set.

Model Hair/Make Up/Pasties:- Ara Cyanide
Corset & Collar:- Forge Fashion 
Photography:- Sage Images

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ruby Ruin for Forge Fashion

Christchurch's very own Burlesque Performer and International Tattoo Model Ruby Ruin wearing her Forge Fashion Lace & Beaded Collar:-

Model:- Ruby Ruin
Collar :- Forge Fashion
Photography:- Jonathan Doherty Photography
Retouching/ Editing:- Trinitynavar

Toile De Jouy Shoot #2

It's definitely 'On with the busy' at the moment with lots of things up my sleeve, plenty to do and lots to finish....

Catching up from where we left off......I finished up the extra pieces, a ribbon bustle and bra to match the Toile De Jouy Underbust. Then it was onto shooting it with a model:-

Model:- Sarah Barlow
Corset & Bra:- Forge Fashion
Photography & Editing:- Trinitynavar

* Oh my goodness I just realised it was last school holidays when I finished the only took a whole school term to finish it up and get photos (still editing so more to come) ;S