Thursday, December 20, 2012

Revamping - Plaid Corset

Occasionally there are things that linger around and feel not quiet finished, I try to make a point of pulling out one or two and giving them a tickle up when ever we have school holidays (smaller/easier bites for busier times).

Here's one such project 'Plaid' Basic Curvy, which I made quiet a while back.....I tried it with one of my Steampunk Belts, but never really felt all that convinced or satisfied with it. So since it was just sitting here I decided that would be my new rehash project. 

So my plans were to add a busk and bow and make a skirt to match - creating a sorta sexy secretary look. Now I recently receive a book about making vintage handbags so now I'm also thinking I'd like to add a bag too!

Here's where I'm at so far:-

Here's a before shot:-


I've tried it on one of my models and I can honestly say it now looks so much better, plus I get to have a new busk front sample of my Basic Curvy!

Any size, any occasion.....

I started a jewellery course in 2011 (which I was super excited about), unfortunately due to the shakey shakey earth my plans for last year ended up on their ass. Despite this how ever I am continuing to explore the Jewellery side line - DIY styles.

The wonderful thing about accessories/jewellery is anyone can wear it, generally no fitting is required and it's acceptable for nearly any occasion. So it makes sense to provide a few alternatives along side the corsetry/costumes don't you think :)

The corset bone collection is coming along nicely I have a lovely Canadian model on board for a photoshoot, so as soon as I can pin her down I should have some spanky new images of these.....may even finish a couple more by the time we get together. Here's the collection so far:-


Other new items include this lovely copper piece:-

And a new collection of earrings:-

Friday, December 7, 2012

Dirty Media

It's been very lovely this year with a variety of interesting new people coming into my creative circle, providing opportunity for more personal projects and playdates. After a pretty quiet and lonely time last year I couldn't be more grateful -  it's easy to get isolated as a new mum or creative individual, but as I've just found just as easy to get back on the wagon when it comes a passing if your willing and eager.

Anyway I am super impressed with this very cool post production company that one of my lovely models has become involved with, recently creating some stunning images featuring the gorgeous Lady Dread and Forge Fashion accessories/garments.

 Let me introduce you to some of  Dirty Media's work......

**In other new I hear that FataleFX and Anna Dediu's gorgeous work together (as previously posted here) has appeared on both the D & A advertising and a local billboard in Christchurch also featuring Forge Fashion of course!! Wonderful!!**