Sunday, January 12, 2014


Currently I'm in school holiday little people are home joining me in some creative endevours and recreational activities. Which is really lovely and fulfilling, though sometimes a little bit crazy, you know siblings they're either all 'in' or all 'out' (but you know motherhood is a wonderful challenge at the best of times - it also accounts for why my brain is all over the place).

On the Forge front I'm busy doing what I always am, planning dreaming and trashing the house!! Yes you did hear that right here's something I found on facebook that sums it up:-

But back to what actually comes from making a mess, here's a piece I made after getting all inspired from a jewelry making session with my 11 and 13 year old. The shoot was done briefly during a playdate with my friend Cindy while she was over with her daughter....

'Aqua Avaca Dream' Necklace:- Forge Fashion
Model:- Cindy K - Model
Photography:- Trinitynavar

And as I always do in the holidays I have been finishing and refurbishing old stock...

Countess Feathered Collar:- Forge Fashion
Model:- Cindy K - Model
Photography & Editing:- Trinitynavar

OK other things going on  - I've been sending my stuff off for various photoshoots with lovely folk overseas, still have my Fashion Show bits to finish plus some more samples and pieces intended for my ETSY store.

Lot of pics to come......

Big Day Out....

Just before Christmas I had the pleasure of spending the day with Melodie M School of Make Up Artistry and Penny Nichols Photography (I know - I'm still catching up with myself, hopefully 2014 will see my blog updated a little more efficiently).

Model:- Brittany Nicole
Wardrobe:- Forge Fashion

Model:-  Del Samara Flawn
Styling:- Melodie M
Wardrobe:- Forge Fashion

Penny also had her very lovely daughter Jade with her who is also learning the trade and also took some great shoots.....

Model:- Brittany Nicole
Photography:- Jade Wilson Photography
Wardrobe:- Forge Fashion