Sunday, September 30, 2012

Corset Bone Jewellery

I've been wanting to do this for ages, as a corset maker I use spiral bones all the time......every since I first saw them I couldn't help but imagine them used for other purposes. So here we go finally, the first of my corset bone collection:-

Corset Bone 1/2 Breast Plate

More corset bone jewellery to come!

*Looks to be a busy month, I'm just finishing up my 'Underworld' orders to send for Halloween  then it's onto the next project!  Definitely need to get cracking, so many things I want to start but so many things I have to finish!!  Thankfully now it's spring and the motivation is coming back  I'm feeling much more inspired :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dressing up the ladies.....

I've had a great time over the last week dressing up a couple of lovely ladies in the red set from the previous post........just via my usual mad set up at home. It's all so I can try out various concepts and play while I continue to practice my basic photography/editing.

Here's Lady Dread wearing both the Bolero Collar and the Suspender Corset:-

I've only just start on these, so more to come.....super impressed with how easy and fun it is to work with Sarah. She has become quiet the muse  ; )

And here again, but with a slightly different look is Kelly (a good friend of mine) showing off  her lovely curves in the same Bolero Collar and Corset Set......

I'm planning on having a few ETSY listings up for custom sized corsets in a variety of styles by the end of October, so hopefully I make my wears a little more available to the masses (of course lots to organise, hence the effort with visual promotional material).

*In other news of the corsety variety I have a couple of orders just about ready for Halloween, both 'Underworld' Sets......and I'm pleased to say these are going to be the best replica's I've done thus far!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

The finishing touches......

I decided to make a matching bolero collar to match the red suspender corset I made a while back, so I can finally get around to shooting it on a model and feel like it's actually a completed look (I do like matching accessories after all).

This is the first sample of bolero collar I have made (it's self drafted as apart of my experimentation for my collection),  I'd really like to try it in a mix of other fabrics and with some other alterations for variety.



Here's the outfit altogether:-

*It looks a bit weird on my dressmakers torso because it is a Victorian shaped dress form and also has no neck*