Thursday, December 20, 2012

Revamping - Plaid Corset

Occasionally there are things that linger around and feel not quiet finished, I try to make a point of pulling out one or two and giving them a tickle up when ever we have school holidays (smaller/easier bites for busier times).

Here's one such project 'Plaid' Basic Curvy, which I made quiet a while back.....I tried it with one of my Steampunk Belts, but never really felt all that convinced or satisfied with it. So since it was just sitting here I decided that would be my new rehash project. 

So my plans were to add a busk and bow and make a skirt to match - creating a sorta sexy secretary look. Now I recently receive a book about making vintage handbags so now I'm also thinking I'd like to add a bag too!

Here's where I'm at so far:-

Here's a before shot:-


I've tried it on one of my models and I can honestly say it now looks so much better, plus I get to have a new busk front sample of my Basic Curvy!

Any size, any occasion.....

I started a jewellery course in 2011 (which I was super excited about), unfortunately due to the shakey shakey earth my plans for last year ended up on their ass. Despite this how ever I am continuing to explore the Jewellery side line - DIY styles.

The wonderful thing about accessories/jewellery is anyone can wear it, generally no fitting is required and it's acceptable for nearly any occasion. So it makes sense to provide a few alternatives along side the corsetry/costumes don't you think :)

The corset bone collection is coming along nicely I have a lovely Canadian model on board for a photoshoot, so as soon as I can pin her down I should have some spanky new images of these.....may even finish a couple more by the time we get together. Here's the collection so far:-


Other new items include this lovely copper piece:-

And a new collection of earrings:-

Friday, December 7, 2012

Dirty Media

It's been very lovely this year with a variety of interesting new people coming into my creative circle, providing opportunity for more personal projects and playdates. After a pretty quiet and lonely time last year I couldn't be more grateful -  it's easy to get isolated as a new mum or creative individual, but as I've just found just as easy to get back on the wagon when it comes a passing if your willing and eager.

Anyway I am super impressed with this very cool post production company that one of my lovely models has become involved with, recently creating some stunning images featuring the gorgeous Lady Dread and Forge Fashion accessories/garments.

 Let me introduce you to some of  Dirty Media's work......

**In other new I hear that FataleFX and Anna Dediu's gorgeous work together (as previously posted here) has appeared on both the D & A advertising and a local billboard in Christchurch also featuring Forge Fashion of course!! Wonderful!!**

Friday, November 16, 2012

Corset Bone Jewellery 1/4"

I'm still slowly working on my Corset Bone Jewellery Collection (this entails using spiral steel bones as the base for various neck & body adornments).

Here is my my most recent addition using 1/4" spiral bones as a base:-

Oooh I'm so looking forward to making more of these - once the collection is finished I hope to get some modelled images :)

Miss Alternative Christchurch 2012

I recently supplied  some outfits for the first Miss Alternative 2012 here in Christchurch. This little event was put together in a very short amount of time - so I just have to say very well done to everyone involved!

Since I was unable to attend I entrusted the lovely Vicky Q with a few of my pieces and left the rest to her (did I already say she is a lovely lady).

Unfortunately the photos were pretty limited, but still it's great to see a little of the night:-

Models:- Rachel Axis, Katie Miss-monster Thomas, Lisa-anne Harris, Shanaenae Thompson  Photographer:- Sharp Focus Photography (Sam Sword)

 And the winner who receives a lovely custom made prize from Forge Fashion :-

 Kathy Greenwood

 Photographer:- Time2Shine Photography

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Steampunk Corset

I keep meaning to make this blog my first stop for updates, but somehow the convenience of facebook keeps leading me astray :S So I'm a bit behind with my posting yet again! Hence the sudden multiple postiness (lots more to come).

Lady Dread wearing the 'Steampunk Montage Corset'

(new edit)

Finally offering this in custom made sizes with an alternative fabric option (since I can't get more of the ever popular 'map' fabric), I've found this lovely Hot Air Balloon print instead - it's nice to have a choice after all!

'Steampunk Corset'
Now available in custom made sizes with alternative fabric option:-

Bolero Collar

Here's a couple more collar shots from my shoot with Lady Dread.....

Bolero Collar

This is now available for sale via ETSY:-

Beautiful Barbara...

I really do love to see people wearing my creations....and thanks to the power of the internet it's still possible even when folks are a million miles away!!

In this instance my customer is actually a local, which makes me super proud because nothing beats being appreciated by those closest to you ;)

Here's the collar she ordered (after seeing the amazing shoot by Anna Dediu & FataleFX)

and gorgeous Barbara in her new collar:-

Plus check this out......

Oh my goodness - WOW, best feedback ever!!

PS This collar can be purchased via my ETSY:-

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Selene 2012

So I've been making this for quiet a few years now (I even made a tutorial for it since I get asked for it so much), it's one of the few costume replicas I offer semi regularly. Here's one of the two I recently completed as apart of my 2012 Halloween orders:-

In other news Forge Fashion is sponsoring the Miss Alternative 2012 competition here in Christchurch.....not sure I'll be able to attend unfortunately, but I'm still offering a lovely prize for the winner!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

FataleFX & Anna Dediu.....

I'm totally loving this collaboration:-

Make-Up, Hair, Styling & Photography:
FataleFX ( Adele Haumu )

Model & Editing: Anna Dediu

Neck Collars by Forge Fashion

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Corset Bone Jewellery

I've been wanting to do this for ages, as a corset maker I use spiral bones all the time......every since I first saw them I couldn't help but imagine them used for other purposes. So here we go finally, the first of my corset bone collection:-

Corset Bone 1/2 Breast Plate

More corset bone jewellery to come!

*Looks to be a busy month, I'm just finishing up my 'Underworld' orders to send for Halloween  then it's onto the next project!  Definitely need to get cracking, so many things I want to start but so many things I have to finish!!  Thankfully now it's spring and the motivation is coming back  I'm feeling much more inspired :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dressing up the ladies.....

I've had a great time over the last week dressing up a couple of lovely ladies in the red set from the previous post........just via my usual mad set up at home. It's all so I can try out various concepts and play while I continue to practice my basic photography/editing.

Here's Lady Dread wearing both the Bolero Collar and the Suspender Corset:-

I've only just start on these, so more to come.....super impressed with how easy and fun it is to work with Sarah. She has become quiet the muse  ; )

And here again, but with a slightly different look is Kelly (a good friend of mine) showing off  her lovely curves in the same Bolero Collar and Corset Set......

I'm planning on having a few ETSY listings up for custom sized corsets in a variety of styles by the end of October, so hopefully I make my wears a little more available to the masses (of course lots to organise, hence the effort with visual promotional material).

*In other news of the corsety variety I have a couple of orders just about ready for Halloween, both 'Underworld' Sets......and I'm pleased to say these are going to be the best replica's I've done thus far!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

The finishing touches......

I decided to make a matching bolero collar to match the red suspender corset I made a while back, so I can finally get around to shooting it on a model and feel like it's actually a completed look (I do like matching accessories after all).

This is the first sample of bolero collar I have made (it's self drafted as apart of my experimentation for my collection),  I'd really like to try it in a mix of other fabrics and with some other alterations for variety.



Here's the outfit altogether:-

*It looks a bit weird on my dressmakers torso because it is a Victorian shaped dress form and also has no neck*

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Steamy Shoot Edit # 2

Here is another pic from our fabulous playdate:-

Corset:- Forge Fashion
Model:- Lady Dread
Photography & Editing:-Trinitynavar

*I have so many wonderful images that I really just want to keep editing, but since I have other things to do - must be a good girl and not let my self get too carried away (I can always get back to it latter in the week)!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Steamy Shoot Edit #1

Heres my first edit from the corsets shoot (playdate) I did with Lady Dread:-

Corset:- Forge Fashion
Model:- Lady Dread
Photography & Editing:-Trinitynavar

Working with Lady Dread....

Over the last few weeks I've been organising a bit of a play date with my newest model the lovely 'Lady Dread'. We do have some professional photo shoots planned for sometime in the not to distant future, but in the mean time I wanted to have ago at my usual wayward photography and editing (never miss an opportunity to practice), so let me introduce you to her ......

Necklace:- Forge Fashion
Model:- Lady Dread
Photography & Editing:- *Trinitynavar

 *What I like to call myself when I change hats!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

18th Century Rehash....

This is actually one of my earlier pieces made in 2004 while I was doing the Carol London corset making class here in Christchurch. After a bit of a freshen up, it's ready to live anew.....

 18th Century Corset

This lovely corset is headed off  to one of my previous models Miss Tempest for an intended photo shoot in Wellington.

*I have some amateur photography planned for latter this week with model Lady Dread which means I should have some new pics for you next week :)

I am also looking forward to working with some lovely local talent on some fabulous new projects over the coming months (yay for creative collaborating with actual grownups).

Symbols of Strength....

I recently went to check out the two cast bronze bulls on the corner of Madras and Tuam Street as part of a Michael  Parekowhai exhibition here in Christchurch. Set against the back drop of the central city (which is still very much in the demolition/rebuilding stage) it had a very erie yet comforting effect. Situated one lot away from where the CTV building once stood, the bulls seemed a very kind distraction indeed - and very appropriate too, for in the face of loss and change the bull is a welcome symbol of fertility and strength for the future!

Before arriving in Christchurch, they were shown at the Venice biennial and exhibited in Paris.
The exhibition is based on a poem by John Keats called Looking into Chapman's Homer.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Swing Hook Corset #2 Vintage Map

And here are a few quick pics from the swing hook corset #2 :-

Really love this map fabric!!