Friday, December 7, 2012

Dirty Media

It's been very lovely this year with a variety of interesting new people coming into my creative circle, providing opportunity for more personal projects and playdates. After a pretty quiet and lonely time last year I couldn't be more grateful -  it's easy to get isolated as a new mum or creative individual, but as I've just found just as easy to get back on the wagon when it comes a passing if your willing and eager.

Anyway I am super impressed with this very cool post production company that one of my lovely models has become involved with, recently creating some stunning images featuring the gorgeous Lady Dread and Forge Fashion accessories/garments.

 Let me introduce you to some of  Dirty Media's work......

**In other new I hear that FataleFX and Anna Dediu's gorgeous work together (as previously posted here) has appeared on both the D & A advertising and a local billboard in Christchurch also featuring Forge Fashion of course!! Wonderful!!**

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