Thursday, December 20, 2012

Any size, any occasion.....

I started a jewellery course in 2011 (which I was super excited about), unfortunately due to the shakey shakey earth my plans for last year ended up on their ass. Despite this how ever I am continuing to explore the Jewellery side line - DIY styles.

The wonderful thing about accessories/jewellery is anyone can wear it, generally no fitting is required and it's acceptable for nearly any occasion. So it makes sense to provide a few alternatives along side the corsetry/costumes don't you think :)

The corset bone collection is coming along nicely I have a lovely Canadian model on board for a photoshoot, so as soon as I can pin her down I should have some spanky new images of these.....may even finish a couple more by the time we get together. Here's the collection so far:-


Other new items include this lovely copper piece:-

And a new collection of earrings:-

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