Friday, November 16, 2012

Corset Bone Jewellery 1/4"

I'm still slowly working on my Corset Bone Jewellery Collection (this entails using spiral steel bones as the base for various neck & body adornments).

Here is my my most recent addition using 1/4" spiral bones as a base:-

Oooh I'm so looking forward to making more of these - once the collection is finished I hope to get some modelled images :)

Miss Alternative Christchurch 2012

I recently supplied  some outfits for the first Miss Alternative 2012 here in Christchurch. This little event was put together in a very short amount of time - so I just have to say very well done to everyone involved!

Since I was unable to attend I entrusted the lovely Vicky Q with a few of my pieces and left the rest to her (did I already say she is a lovely lady).

Unfortunately the photos were pretty limited, but still it's great to see a little of the night:-

Models:- Rachel Axis, Katie Miss-monster Thomas, Lisa-anne Harris, Shanaenae Thompson  Photographer:- Sharp Focus Photography (Sam Sword)

 And the winner who receives a lovely custom made prize from Forge Fashion :-

 Kathy Greenwood

 Photographer:- Time2Shine Photography

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Steampunk Corset

I keep meaning to make this blog my first stop for updates, but somehow the convenience of facebook keeps leading me astray :S So I'm a bit behind with my posting yet again! Hence the sudden multiple postiness (lots more to come).

Lady Dread wearing the 'Steampunk Montage Corset'

(new edit)

Finally offering this in custom made sizes with an alternative fabric option (since I can't get more of the ever popular 'map' fabric), I've found this lovely Hot Air Balloon print instead - it's nice to have a choice after all!

'Steampunk Corset'
Now available in custom made sizes with alternative fabric option:-

Bolero Collar

Here's a couple more collar shots from my shoot with Lady Dread.....

Bolero Collar

This is now available for sale via ETSY:-

Beautiful Barbara...

I really do love to see people wearing my creations....and thanks to the power of the internet it's still possible even when folks are a million miles away!!

In this instance my customer is actually a local, which makes me super proud because nothing beats being appreciated by those closest to you ;)

Here's the collar she ordered (after seeing the amazing shoot by Anna Dediu & FataleFX)

and gorgeous Barbara in her new collar:-

Plus check this out......

Oh my goodness - WOW, best feedback ever!!

PS This collar can be purchased via my ETSY:-