Sunday, January 20, 2013

Toile De Jouy

I've been working away on a number of different projects, trialling patterns, doing photos, editing, working on a couple of mini collections and crafting with my children (creative overload at it's finest). Definitely have plenty to post I just need to catch up with myself and get around to blogging previously promised!!

Onto my most recently completed sample corset (vintage fabric used from my stash, as I do with most samples).... so I wanted to try this pattern out, I love the detail and extra dimension that can be achieved with the separate hip panels (think Farscape and Thierry Mugler) and 'NO' couldn't just do a mock up like a normal person that wouldn't be satisfying enough!!

So I just kept it simple this time relying on the lovely Toile De Jouy fabric for interest, plus since I drafted it myself and was only meant to be making a mockup (have now found this pattern online and brought it to cover different sizings - hallelujah to the internet) I didn't want to get too complicated. I will definitely try it again at some stage and see if I can add a little more elaborateness to the hipline.

Monday, January 14, 2013

'Entwined' Shoot...

Here is the first set from my shoot with Rebecca:-

 'Entwined' Necklace
Model:- Rebecca Fischer 
Wardrobe & Jewellery:- Forge Fashion 
Photograpghy:- Trinitynavar

Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013.....big love for the new year!!

Here we come....another year of fun & frivolity - well potentially and really anything is possible at this point! So far it's just loose ideas and partially formed plans, but it's kinda like the moment you step on a plane to a new destination - full of optimism and hope for the future (let's hope 2013 brings all the good things we desire) :D

I must make a real effort to blog - at least weekly (or close to).......I totally love reading back over my recorded rants and seeing my progress year to year. Livejournal definitely contains a lot of years worth of my memories and work (seemed to have a bit more of a relationship with my LJ, guess the active communities helped entice me more regularly), but out from under the umbrella of the mushroom I shall try to hang.

Ok thinking about the last few weeks and those immediately ahead.....

The last few weeks has seen me playing photographer again, this time for both  'Forge' and also 'Trinitynavar'. I did a shoot with a lovely friend specifically for editing/retouching practice, which was awesome and the difference with not having my garments as the central focus is huge (another creative outlet). Also my lovely Canadian model Rebecca popped though over the xmas  break so I was able to have a quick jewellery shoot with her as well (pics to come).

The garden has really started to take off and I feel very excited by all my growing produce, since I really haven't had as big a garden previously I am finding it quiet the learning curb. But the rewards are just  awesome, time outside with more diy projects happening, totally unintended (I should start a 'pinterest made me do it' folder to keep a record).

Coming up......

- More damn 'Underworlds', though I am quiet excited by the addition of 'Sonja'
(variation to my bread and butter).

- Collaborations (a few already lined up for 2013)

- 3 Piece Collection = 2x  Corset Dresses and x1 Matching Underbust (all cut and ready to go)

- More Basic Curvy Overbust and Underbust going into stock

PS Have I mentioned how adorable my daughter is, she 14 month now - how quickly that went......she's no longer my tiny baby, instead a strong active toddler running rings around me (but mothers little helper just like her big sister and brother never the less) :)