Sunday, January 20, 2013

Toile De Jouy

I've been working away on a number of different projects, trialling patterns, doing photos, editing, working on a couple of mini collections and crafting with my children (creative overload at it's finest). Definitely have plenty to post I just need to catch up with myself and get around to blogging previously promised!!

Onto my most recently completed sample corset (vintage fabric used from my stash, as I do with most samples).... so I wanted to try this pattern out, I love the detail and extra dimension that can be achieved with the separate hip panels (think Farscape and Thierry Mugler) and 'NO' couldn't just do a mock up like a normal person that wouldn't be satisfying enough!!

So I just kept it simple this time relying on the lovely Toile De Jouy fabric for interest, plus since I drafted it myself and was only meant to be making a mockup (have now found this pattern online and brought it to cover different sizings - hallelujah to the internet) I didn't want to get too complicated. I will definitely try it again at some stage and see if I can add a little more elaborateness to the hipline.

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