Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Show Update and Corsets on the go...

The Melodie M show has been moved into the new we are now looking at late February 2014. Which works out great, giving me a wee bit more time to complete everything and also some relaxed person time with my family over the Christmas holidays :)

This is a piece I've had completed for quiet a while, so to spice it up for the show I've made a matching Corseted Bralette  and Skirt which I really love.....high wasted shorts to finish I think.

This is a another version of the previous Steampunk Style with matching Skirt and Bolero. I've tried it on a model and think it just needs a modesty placket for the front...otherwise it's good to go :)

***Now on a personal note.....I have recently had a very unpleasant experience - yes it has finally happened, my images are being used to falsely promote and sell imitations of my original corsets and accessories. This just down right sux, but it does make me realize that if somebody else thinks there is money to be made from my designs when I'm currently not making any myself - things need to change. So time to work harder and get business savvy, I was already planning a bit of professional overhaul but this just ups the desired level!!**

PS My garden is cranking - it's the biggest I've ever tended and I'm really finding alot of joy in all aspects of learning to keep it. And yay for herbs and goodies right out of the garden :D

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Local fun at Bottle Lake Forest.....

I recently had the pleasure of working with a few local folk on a location shoot...... it was a bit of a hoohar out and about in the forest - haha, super awesome fun (sorry Rachel, I know you were freezing and the stray people and dogs were rampant)!!! Lots of giggles and smiling all round, really helps to have some 'happy nutters' with a professional attitude on the crew that's for sure (totally referring to myself here, incase anyone were to get offended by that statement - lol) :)

Wardrobe: Forge Fashion
Photographer : ShellB Photography

PS Really looking forward to our next shoot/outing early next year!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Violence is a Girls Best Friend......

Violence is a Girls Best Friend???......well at least it is for burlesque performer Ruby Ruin! The queen of the the recent New Zealand Burlesque Festival, who did her very own unique take on the classic Marilyn Monroe 'Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend' turning it into a more suitable match as 'Violence is a Girls Best Friend'! 

But before all this came to be, Ruby had a great idea and alot of work to put in, so this is where I got on board - working on some custom pieces to finish up her costume.....leaving her free to do what she does best!

So here is a look at the final days as it was from my work room (this actually means dining room)....

This was my first 'Power Mesh' corset, which made for a satisfying learning experience along with lots of fun with the given theme.

Here's the bra and underwear before embellishment...

And the corset...

Finally the skirt (x4 items in total).

Next came the beaded blood sashes:-

Here's a wee look at the lace prior to adding bling, beads & sequins.

And here it is all together after hand sewing and bling bling.

 Just right for a very lovely lady doing a bloody feisty performance!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Basic Curvy with a side of Tea and Lace ....

I have few projects/orders on the go so I have some posting to catch up with yet again.....

Here's something from the basic curvy files (this is my fashion or 'gentle lacing' range that gives great shape but is quicker in the making and kinder on the purse).

Since this is actually headed off to a local photographer for one of her shoots, I also made the dress.  For this look I snatched some lace from a vintage table cloth and did a bit of tea dying.......actually making this was very satisfying, from cutting to hand gathering it was an all round goody (sometimes things just flow nicely like that).

Other recent blog worthy activities include...
*The completed 'Tails Corset' 
(will do this once I've made all the matching accessories)

*Ruby Ruins costume for her Burlesque performance
(will post after the competition)

* 3 part Collection (including corset dress) as planned at the start of the year
(mock ups were completed way back, but finally onto the actual garments, so before the end of the year) 

Other Activities to consider before the end of the year.....
* A Tightlacer for Kathy Chin
* Custom made Corset for Threnody in Velvet
* Getting some Mentoring
* Adding more to my ETSY Store
* Finish up other Projects
* Preping for the New Year and Goal Setting 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Monday, September 2, 2013

Melissa George in a Forge Feather Collar!

How very exciting to see actress Melissa George wearing a Forge Fashion collar in the latest campaign from Agent Provocateur: Control Yourself

As requested by Stylist Seana Redmond for  KARL PLEWKA 

This item is currently available via my ETSY Shop:-

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The lovely Ms Gent....

Here is a lovely image from my shoot with my customer and friend Francine Gent featuring her gorgeous new 'Basic Curvy' corset with swing hooks.....

Model:- Francine Gent
Hair:- Style Mystic
Corset:- Forge Fashion
Photography:- Trinitynavar

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Threnody In Velvet for Forge Fashion

~SWOON~ This is one of the most exciting things to happen to me as a corset maker.......this  is literally my one of my favourite corset muses actually wearing one of my 'couture range' corsets:-

Corset:- Forge Fashion
Headpiece:- Creations by Liv Free
Photography & Editing:- Iberian Black Arts

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Basic Curvy - Customer Orders

I've recently completed a couple of  'Basic Curvy' Corsets as apart of a customer order for a dear friend....In this way I have had a real chance to develop and work on this RTW style further, drafting more sizes and trying new variations (so yay after Halloween I should be offering these for direct sale, I've also had a request for PDF patterns for a few items so I'll think about that as well??).

Anyway onto the Basic Curvy numbers:-

- Swing Hook Closure
-Waist Tape
- 2 Piece Grommets
- 16 Flat & Spiral Steel
- Ribbon Lacing
- 3 Layer Construction including Coutil Lining 

- Extra Wide Busk
- Lace Ovelay
-Waist Tape
- 2 Piece Grommets
- 10 Flat & Spiral Steel
- Ribbon Lacing
- 3 Layer Construction including Coutil Lining 

*** BEST NEWS***
I can now confirm that the amazing and beautiful Threnody In Velvet is lined up for a photo shoot in the Beaded PVC Corset.........absolutely delighted and in complete awe of literally having that dream come true!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bell of the Day....

I recently received a gorgeous set of photos from one of my wedding customers and thought I'd share.....

The beautiful Rebecca Gumbley on her Wedding Day....

Corset:- Forge Fashion
Skirt:- Shannon Anderson
Photography:- Jo Moore Photographer

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Beads beads and more....

Ok, on to my latest piece.......PVC dripping in beads!!!! Mmmmm - yummy!

Hoping to get a photo shoot under way as asap......and I also have another PVC corset to finish - though this one is more colourful and has tails (think military/ringleader).

I have so many things planned, half finished and on the go, I really wish I could clone myself and truly take flight!!! LOL yes I'm a small time designer living in a big world always trying to meet the ambitious marks set either by myself or others (of course all this while wearing my PJ's at camp 'mother nutter').

Anyway, customer orders coming up include an a full costume for one of our local burlesque girls, a lovely lace covered overbust, a steampunk overbust and something tasty for the lovely tightlacing Kathy Chin.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ara Cyanide for Forge Fashion

It's wonderful to see my items out in the world gracing the body of gorgeous women......this month I'm lucky enough to see another gorgeous kiwi model in her Forge wears. Here is the absolutely stunning  Ara Cyanide
wearing her Forge Fashion Corset & Collar Set.

Model Hair/Make Up/Pasties:- Ara Cyanide
Corset & Collar:- Forge Fashion 
Photography:- Sage Images