Saturday, March 26, 2016

Leather Corsetry

I have always been a fan of making corsets from recycled leather, and this piece is no exception.....
As a sample I was trying out another a new 'cut' and worked some of the parts of the jacket into the design. This is another set from my shoot with Michelle as previously mentioned.

Super proud of this corset and the photography too......I will be making a few adjustments to my next one 'cut' wise, like an extra panel in the back for example which will add a wee bit more shaping and balance out the seam placements. Hoping to start on my next one soon.....:)

Nevermore Lingerie.....

I've probably mentioned a few times I like photography and often shoot my own work (aka trinitynavar), last week I was super ecstatic to get behind my camera again.....with the super stunning Michelle Wistuba.....

Skully Toile Du Joy Set

Nevermore Set

Skulls & Roses Set

Skulls & Roses Set

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Threnody in Velvet Shoot with Pendulous Threads UK

I have been lucky enough to do another collaboration with the incredibly stunning Threnody in Velvet, this time featuring a very spiky awesome headpiece from Pendulous Threads UK.

Model:- Threnody In Velvet heart emoticon
Amazing Headpiece:- Pendulous Threads UK
Corset:- FORGE

****Admittedly this almost wasn't, so to actually see it finished and on one of my favorite models feels like an amazing success even if the 'in the making' process was a little rampant! So finally 2016 is really underway, I'm motivated, healthy and excited for all my new projects - stay tuned!!!!