Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Toile De Jouy Pt2

Yay I finally finished the other half of my Toile De Jouy set.....this time it's an overbust (made to match the  underbust as already posted here).

The Tulle skirt was fun too, had to add something pretty and fluffy to complete the look....

Hopefully will get to shoot this over the long weekend, fingers crossed :)

PS If you noted the colour discrepancy between the Overbust and Underbust corsets - don't worry it's only because I'm using a different camera (they match perfectly).

Francine & Paradox Photography NZ

A very lovely repeat customer of mine recently did a shoot with the fabulous Roxy Coervers from Paradox  Photography NZ. Francine wearing her PVC/Lace Longline Corset with matching PVC/Lace Hat.....


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Friday, March 15, 2013

Something new from the Underworld....

You may or maynot know this - but I'm quiet well known for making 'Selene' replica corsets, though it's not a great pleasure of mine, I will not complain thanks to this I am able to keep myself in  new supplies from time to time so I can work on my own independent projects (namely samples and experiments). Maybe one day I'll have a wealthy benefactor to support my creative dreamings.......but in the mean time, what ever has to be has to be.

Anyway something wonderful happened recently, I got something new on this repeated theme and was able to create a 'Sonja' replica instead (still from the 'Underworld' franchise just a different character). So some new challenges and trials came into play.....which was hugely enjoyable :)

Instead of continuing to rant here's some pictures:-

I also added x6 garters and a modesty panel - I really loved drafting this corset pattern, I have also decided to try it again in a different fabric because I love how it looks shape wise!!!