Friday, March 15, 2013

Something new from the Underworld....

You may or maynot know this - but I'm quiet well known for making 'Selene' replica corsets, though it's not a great pleasure of mine, I will not complain thanks to this I am able to keep myself in  new supplies from time to time so I can work on my own independent projects (namely samples and experiments). Maybe one day I'll have a wealthy benefactor to support my creative dreamings.......but in the mean time, what ever has to be has to be.

Anyway something wonderful happened recently, I got something new on this repeated theme and was able to create a 'Sonja' replica instead (still from the 'Underworld' franchise just a different character). So some new challenges and trials came into play.....which was hugely enjoyable :)

Instead of continuing to rant here's some pictures:-

I also added x6 garters and a modesty panel - I really loved drafting this corset pattern, I have also decided to try it again in a different fabric because I love how it looks shape wise!!!

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