Saturday, May 10, 2014

PS Belated Spainish love!!

These are actually late and predate my previous post......

Earlier this year some very gorgeous girls from Spain wanted to do a shoot in some of my gear. Sheziss Insomnia and Sonja Mist (Danu) teamed up with Kristina Reche Photography and provided me back these stunning images:-

Canterbury Collections May 2014

Wow.... Canterbury Collections came and went so quickly, it was an amazing experience and I enjoyed meeting all the lovely models and having a reason to sew my butt off. I'm even thinking about doing it all again in October!!!!

I do need a wee rest the last few weeks prior to the show were a bit mad, my industrial sewing machine broke so had to sew my treasures on my domestic machine at the kitchen table while also having all the children home for school holidays. Very busy times, but it all got done and seemed to be a wonderful I'm pretty proud of myself!

Model:- C/O Denyse Saunders
Photography:- ForeverYoungPhotography
MUA:- Hair Art & Beauty
Wardrobe:- Forge Fashion

~Everything bar the white shirt on the first male (which I would have also made if I hadn't run out of time) is authentic Forge Fashion made right here in my wee studio or at my kitchen table.......and I do mean that literally, I was sewing right up till it was time to dress the models!~

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Folklorico La Virgen Series......

As apart of my 'mini' print collections I have finished up these two beauties for my show......

I'm doing my 2014 ready to wear range around some of my favorite print fabrics. As you may have guessed or seen on FB these include the ever popular Michael Miller 'Nevermore' prints and a number of Alexander Henry fabrics (my personal favs) along with a few others. I also have plans to add some of my own exclusive printed fabrics to the ready to wear range latter in the year.The initial style/prints will become available for direct sale in standard sizes from May.

Local Shoots

One of my lovely friends had recently planned a shoot with PhilBailey Photography and wanted to loan a corset from me. She opted for this lovely Basic Cuvrvy Underbust - with her favorite 'Nevermore' print on it and she was kind enough to share the images with me:-

 Model:- Francine Gent
Photography:- PhilBailey Photography
Corset:- Forge Fashion 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Location, Location....

Ok it's not really so much that I want to shoot in a Cemetery it's just so handy being a hop skip and a jump away with beautiful back drops like this Trompe l'oeil (I think I have a previous blog post about this).....and since I am definitely enjoying my 'amateur' photography excursions more and more it has become the 'go to' location:-

Leah Kate shot in front of Anna's Trompe l'oeil:-

And just in general around the Cemetery:-

'Tails' Corset & Bolero:- Forge Fashion
Model:- Leah Kate
Photography:- Trinitynavar

And as you can see it also makes the perfect back drop for related themes (sometimes I skip the 'Forge' and just play).....

Model:- Cindy K - Model
Photography/MUA/Styling:- Trinitynavar

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