Wednesday, August 2, 2017

My Briar Rose.....and the low!

This year started off with a bang, I got all creative and made this little beauty for a photoshoot:-

Sometime after it was presented online, a potential customer asked if we could discuss custom options (as this piece was made for a very slim model, and also from a limited supply of fabric I would need to upsize and find replacement fabric).........she also wanted to see more unedited pictures? After I provide high res images of the back and front she completely disappeared. Not much longer later give a month or so I spotted this on FB:-


Of course I thought to myself holy heck that looks like it turns out this is an exact copy from the images I provided this potential customer - because she had flippen taken those images to another corset maker to copy it!!!!! Whats worse is the corset maker was being hit up to take more orders for it????? OMFG really.....when your just above being a starving artist and you see other people making money off your do wonder what the point is!!! I mean really there was no imagination used.....lace up front, vine fabric, lace up straps, colour, and roses across the bustline!! It wasn't inspired - it was just copied!

Here is to the imposter:-

I'm really not sure why this upset me so much it happens all the time.....literally, I have had all kinds of things copied (not usually as fast as this incident) , but I guess it was because I was approached first so it was not like the designer was unknown to either the customer or the other corsetmaker  :( 

Anyway I have to believe I have lots more creating to do and hold onto idea I can create something even better, because in the end creativity is it's own master and exist more for the pure joy of expression then just for $$.

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