Wednesday, August 2, 2017

AND then it was 2017....

Well that went fast!! It's been nearly a whole year since I've attended to my blog?? The days have keep on rolling by and I haven't so much kept track of myself like I use to (I maybe getting a little feral lol)!

Where am I at? My collection hasn't quite unfolded like I would have liked....but I have kept on creating and making so I guess that is something ;) I took sometime to have a clear out and am having bit of a Forge Etsy Sale, this is all directed towards sorting things out so I can get to my new projects as desired. Prior this I had a bit of a flop into the - 'I might just throw in the towel now' after having some mighty underhanded customers and dishonest folk scold me good! Along with that I found myself sewing at the kitchen table which hasn't exactly being ideal for taking custom commissions. But  really I  aways fall back into it......inspired excited and motivated toward some new project that fires up my heart again! Looks like I'm back, making plans, getting excited - so lets see what happens shall we!

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