Monday, May 30, 2011

Photo shoot......

Last week I finished up some accessories to match a couple of waspie corsets that are heading off to Napier for a photo shoot.........initially I wasn't going to add the extras, but after a brief discussion with the model I  felt convinced it would be a good way to complete the look.

Lace PVC Set 

Reptile Print Set 

That's me making a wee cameo appearance in the hat above - the unfortunate thing about moving........not having live dollies on hand :(

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Loving the Shape.....

I recently had the pleasure of fitting Tammy into her custom made underbust corset, and man was I happy with the results - what a great shape this lass has!

Aside from wishing I'd used a thicker satin I really am just grateful it all came together so see this was actually started in Christchurch right before the earthquake, which meant it had to be put on hold for a number of months while I was relocating. But the most amazing part was moving (unbeknown to either of us at the time) into the same town as my remote customer!! Talk about luck!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blame the 'Demi Bust'.....

You may remember my 'Demi Bust' from a previous post,  the 'Demi' part was some what unintentional so I planned to revisit the pattern and begin work on another sample (the pattern is adapted and I have a couple of sizes cut out and ready to build - the plan is underway). Now to the present - I  just took an order based on that particular 'Demi Bust' sample, however it is to be adapted into an underbust. For the benefit of  the client I made a quick underbust line drawing and did a little photoshop adjustment so I could present something of an example of how it might look.

Not bad really, plus it will still have the simple boning/construction for comfort and the lovely curvy shape.

Now that also got me thinking about the original sample, like all my corset experiments it has been listed to my ETSY store (which is great because that is how I received this current order).......but it really isn't as wearable as I would like. Long story short I've decided to reshape it into a nice vampy underbust which should improve its fit and look by leaps and bounds. Here's the new shaping I'm going to try:-

I've already done the required shaping and recut the bones to the new size, so it's just the short journey to the finish line for this little revamped beauty :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Oxblood Leather Accessories

So I've been having pretty hectic times of late, but I'm still trying to fit in a little play time here and there. Once of my latest  play projects is reproducing my Steam Punk Corset Set as seen here on the lovely Lara......

Steampunk Corset Set By Forge Fashion

This time I want to change the tone slightly by using  a beautiful Oxblood coloured leather for the trim and accessories. I have made the belt and 'Octo' collar already, but  I  haven't decide yet what fabric I'll use to compliment this colour scheme. Here is the collar and belt......

Oxblood Leather 'Octo' Collar

Oxblood Leather Steampunk Belt

Ive tried a few fabrics and so far the winning combo seems to be this plaid:-


Mmmm to be pondered further, more pics to come.