Friday, May 13, 2011

Oxblood Leather Accessories

So I've been having pretty hectic times of late, but I'm still trying to fit in a little play time here and there. Once of my latest  play projects is reproducing my Steam Punk Corset Set as seen here on the lovely Lara......

Steampunk Corset Set By Forge Fashion

This time I want to change the tone slightly by using  a beautiful Oxblood coloured leather for the trim and accessories. I have made the belt and 'Octo' collar already, but  I  haven't decide yet what fabric I'll use to compliment this colour scheme. Here is the collar and belt......

Oxblood Leather 'Octo' Collar

Oxblood Leather Steampunk Belt

Ive tried a few fabrics and so far the winning combo seems to be this plaid:-


Mmmm to be pondered further, more pics to come.

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