Tuesday, December 19, 2017

End of year sum up....

This year has been a year of change....it's contained lots of personal and family milestones and has reminded me there is nothing more constant then you guessed it change! I'm sure a lot of you out there also experienced some of this for yourself in 2017!

So onto the sewing stuffs:-
I have recently gotten back a studio space in which to work, and man am I excited - you could even say it has renewed my creative interest which seems to have dwindled severely of late. I can't say sewing at my kitchen table really floated my boat or left me much room to really be all that productive. Fingers crossed for much creativity and productivity in 2018!

Onto images from one of my favorite collaborations over the last few months......

Since I'm still photography my work (aka Trinitynavar) whenever I get a chance I have some new images from my own shoots over the last few months also to share....


Model & MUA:- Valentina Grim
Wardrobe & Claws:- FORGE
Photography:- Trinitynavar

Cindy Kim wearing
Crown & Collar by FORGE
Photography:- Trinitynavar

**LOL This post should really be called the big picture dump!! 

I'm not a big Xmas person but - Happy Holidays Everyone!!

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