Monday, September 30, 2013

Basic Curvy with a side of Tea and Lace ....

I have few projects/orders on the go so I have some posting to catch up with yet again.....

Here's something from the basic curvy files (this is my fashion or 'gentle lacing' range that gives great shape but is quicker in the making and kinder on the purse).

Since this is actually headed off to a local photographer for one of her shoots, I also made the dress.  For this look I snatched some lace from a vintage table cloth and did a bit of tea dying.......actually making this was very satisfying, from cutting to hand gathering it was an all round goody (sometimes things just flow nicely like that).

Other recent blog worthy activities include...
*The completed 'Tails Corset' 
(will do this once I've made all the matching accessories)

*Ruby Ruins costume for her Burlesque performance
(will post after the competition)

* 3 part Collection (including corset dress) as planned at the start of the year
(mock ups were completed way back, but finally onto the actual garments, so before the end of the year) 

Other Activities to consider before the end of the year.....
* A Tightlacer for Kathy Chin
* Custom made Corset for Threnody in Velvet
* Getting some Mentoring
* Adding more to my ETSY Store
* Finish up other Projects
* Preping for the New Year and Goal Setting 

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