Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Show Update and Corsets on the go...

The Melodie M show has been moved into the new we are now looking at late February 2014. Which works out great, giving me a wee bit more time to complete everything and also some relaxed person time with my family over the Christmas holidays :)

This is a piece I've had completed for quiet a while, so to spice it up for the show I've made a matching Corseted Bralette  and Skirt which I really love.....high wasted shorts to finish I think.

This is a another version of the previous Steampunk Style with matching Skirt and Bolero. I've tried it on a model and think it just needs a modesty placket for the front...otherwise it's good to go :)

***Now on a personal note.....I have recently had a very unpleasant experience - yes it has finally happened, my images are being used to falsely promote and sell imitations of my original corsets and accessories. This just down right sux, but it does make me realize that if somebody else thinks there is money to be made from my designs when I'm currently not making any myself - things need to change. So time to work harder and get business savvy, I was already planning a bit of professional overhaul but this just ups the desired level!!**

PS My garden is cranking - it's the biggest I've ever tended and I'm really finding alot of joy in all aspects of learning to keep it. And yay for herbs and goodies right out of the garden :D


MK said...

Looks so beautiful!

Abbey said...

Thank you MK!! I'm never sure on blogger if people get my replies....but much appreciate your comments :)