Thursday, December 20, 2012

Revamping - Plaid Corset

Occasionally there are things that linger around and feel not quiet finished, I try to make a point of pulling out one or two and giving them a tickle up when ever we have school holidays (smaller/easier bites for busier times).

Here's one such project 'Plaid' Basic Curvy, which I made quiet a while back.....I tried it with one of my Steampunk Belts, but never really felt all that convinced or satisfied with it. So since it was just sitting here I decided that would be my new rehash project. 

So my plans were to add a busk and bow and make a skirt to match - creating a sorta sexy secretary look. Now I recently receive a book about making vintage handbags so now I'm also thinking I'd like to add a bag too!

Here's where I'm at so far:-

Here's a before shot:-


I've tried it on one of my models and I can honestly say it now looks so much better, plus I get to have a new busk front sample of my Basic Curvy!

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