Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dressing up the ladies.....

I've had a great time over the last week dressing up a couple of lovely ladies in the red set from the previous post........just via my usual mad set up at home. It's all so I can try out various concepts and play while I continue to practice my basic photography/editing.

Here's Lady Dread wearing both the Bolero Collar and the Suspender Corset:-

I've only just start on these, so more to come.....super impressed with how easy and fun it is to work with Sarah. She has become quiet the muse  ; )

And here again, but with a slightly different look is Kelly (a good friend of mine) showing off  her lovely curves in the same Bolero Collar and Corset Set......

I'm planning on having a few ETSY listings up for custom sized corsets in a variety of styles by the end of October, so hopefully I make my wears a little more available to the masses (of course lots to organise, hence the effort with visual promotional material).

*In other news of the corsety variety I have a couple of orders just about ready for Halloween, both 'Underworld' Sets......and I'm pleased to say these are going to be the best replica's I've done thus far!!