Monday, February 7, 2011

Project - Origami Corsets

An afternoon of Origami Corset making.....
While zooming around the internet I found  some instructions for making the cutest Origami Corsets, since it was a relatively easy make I later decided to teach my daughter (who's 8), we take on projects  together semi regularly (our last project, which involved the entire family was plaster mask painting). Anyway since she is fascinated with my corset/costume making ventures it interested her immediately - so we set to work.......

Onto the Origami Corsets:-

Basic Style - Front
Mini Size!!
Back Style 
Art Nouveau Print
Venus Fly Trap Print - Front
Venus Fly Trap Print - Back

We made them from big to small, out of origami paper, magazine pages, Christmas paper and even note pads. Some we left plain, others we embellished, but most importantly we discovered the easiest way for my daughter to make her own corsets!!

Want to have a go?? Read on....

**I'm going to store this under tutorial, for easy reference - however please note I did not come up with the idea and am not posting the making details here, instead linking to the original source for the instructions, which are self explanatory :-

You can also purchase gorgeous  ready made 'Origami Corset' gift cards here:-

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Ruth said...

Those are super cute! Teach me teach me :)