Friday, June 10, 2011

Customer Pics - Khrist

I've had a wee batch of customer pics come in - nearly time to sort out my Customer Photos Page I feel (actually I do have a fare bit of updating to do). Anyway here's a photo of Khrist le' Model out on the town in her Forge Fashion leather outfit (also worn for her petite Alternative Shoot).

The shots for Petite Alternative Magazine are great from the perspective of the model (she really looks lovely), unfortunately there aren't any full torso shots which would have showcased the outfit - never the less here are the images that were published in the April 2011 edition:-

*I had hoped to see a few more shoots completed with Khrist, as she holds a number of outfits for that purpose........but I have a looming deadline and need to get a certain amount sorted before then, which means I can't afford to wait any loner then I already have :(

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