Friday, August 26, 2011

Basic 'Curvy' Cameo Corset

I have a huge love of Cameos, you  may have guessed if you've looked through my work......I've used them all over the place, cuffs, collars, hats & corsets of course!!lol.....

YAY- Eyecandy!! Here's my recent handy work featuring a cameo:-

Click pic to goto ETSY Sale

Click pic to goto ETSY Sale

So the adaption of my 'Basic Curvy' cut corset was a success (remember how I ended up with a demi bust on my first sample instead of full overbust), so I have made a few different sizes in this style. The first (above) a size 20" with stunning detailing & a wonderful cameo, another in tarten, size 24" which I'll be sure to post soon.

And just because it fits so perfectly check out this recent ETSY Treasury featuring this corset:-

I am always busy trying to do something (like most of us are) - right now it's trying to finish up various odds and ends, from things laying around half finished from eons ago, to more recently prepared ultimately means I can put it all up for sale in my ETSY shop for the period while I'm not taking orders. *Lets just say with another move planned (back across the Islands) and a new baby arriving I have to be on the ball where possible!

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Ruth said...

This is definitely one of my faves... it's sooo pretty! Loving the cameo as well!