Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Taking a hiatus and a note about 2011

The reason a hiatus is required.....
It's just about time to have my baby so I am well round with puffy hobbit feet and all those wonderful symptoms experienced by women the world over (some how that doesn't make it any more enjoyable and I'm seriously over having friken indigestion). Anyway it's only a matter of days and I will be meeting the little tyke who's been hanging around in my womb - my partners so excited he can barely contain himself, and I have 2 siblings here experiencing the same excitement. With the big gap in age (they're 9 & 11) I can see that they will both be really great helpers, particularly my daughter who has a very homely nurturing nature (such a gorgeous wee Taurus she is).

A note about 2011
Really it's been a crazy year all around (earthquakes, pregnancy, multiple relocating and all the stuff in between), the opportunity for growth has been so extreme, my goodness big learning curbs were definitely the order of the day! Oh yes 2011 may just take the top position as one of the most unforgettable years of my life thus far!! That said I can honestly say I feel more at home and comfortable in my relationships then I have in my entire life, without all the hardships and opportunities that came my way I doubt I could have learnt to be as conscious of it as I am now.
I feel blessed by the amazing support I have from my friends and family, they're really all the magic and richness anyone could seek!!

*As I am writing this my children are dancing around like flaying Leprechauns playing the Harmonica and Ukulele - the dog is whining loudly in horror LOL and this is it - my wonderful amazing wayward life!

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