Monday, December 5, 2011

Pre planning....Customer sheets!

Since I'm not able to launch into any sewing work at the moment, my best alternative seems to be pre planning. As I have a number of orders coming up in the new year I thought it would help to do a little organising (just of the 'paper work' variety). Anyway I've started making a few basic customer sheets, complete with inspiration pics and my own style drawings for future reference.  I've only completed the one so far, which is for 'Ruby Ruin' a regular of mine (it's also of course the first order requiring completion).

Actually I'm thinking these could also become handy customer info pages to be shared with the client........though a few more details would be on the final copy -  including required time line, price, detailed measurements and corset materials.  Anyway starting basic:-

 (What burlesque performer is not inspired by the lovely Dita and her gorgeous costumes?)

Mmmmm reasonably content - I think I'll have ago at doing the same for Nikki's Wedding order :)

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