Sunday, March 18, 2012

Underworld Customer Pics....

I just received these fantastic shots from Megan the customer I made a replica 'Underworld' corset and cuffs for last year, so had to share:-

And I just have to add this candid shot too, because I love seeing the corset out of character - it looks awesome (and I bet it gets worn more often this way too)!!

I am making a couple more of these this year, though as I've mentioned a number of times I like to keep the numbers low so I don't get crazy with the repetitiveness, plus I want to be working more on my own stuff of course.

EDIT 29/04/2012Because of popular demand I am offering 2x Custom Made Replicas, or 'Underworld' Selene Corset Sets via my ETY Store for anyone who's interested:-

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I am listing 2x custom made underworld corsets on my etsy:-