Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Little Leather Underbust

My little leather underbust is finished, the celtic knot looks great and I'm pleased with the shape too. Hopefully I can get some quick pics on Rachel before she heads to Oz, hence the small size - 21" (as she is my most petite casual model). You can see my earlier post about making it here:-
Leather Knot Work

Anyway onto the finished pics....

I'm thinking about adding more flossing, despite my 50 billion embroidery threads I didn't have enough black so didn't get to keep goin with it.

*On a personal note I have to admit I'm feeling pretty tired right now, my gorgeous wee lady is 6 months - have I mentioned this is just the best age, so cute and super fun!! But unfortunately some of that early sleep deprivation has finally kicked in with regular moments of airheaded hillarity in real time.... LOL (yes all I can do is laugh at these purely perfect examples of mummy brainess). And just because that's not enough I  also have 2 very pretty pre teens, one of which is my son, who seems to have that 'Johnny Depp' vibe with  the girls already!!! Seriously fun times to come I imagine - it all keeps me on my toes anyway. Blessed indeed :P

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