Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's all about garters.....

The last few weeks have whizzed past in a blur, but I've muddled on with my moody winter self......trying hard to stay on task. Definitely would love to be working with someone else, for motivation and feedback, but hey I guess that's where the internet is some kind of substitute.

So my current red suspender corset is coming along nicely, I used the garter tutorial from the Bridges on the Body blog, which is very simple but look fantastic!

I'm not going with traditional garter clips this time preferring the industrial look of actual suspender clips.........

So not much left to do, a couple more garters, eyelets and a floating modesty panel. Should get it finished this week - that equalsYay!!

*My next project is already cut out and ready to go, you may have guessed by my preparedness that I'm supper keen to get started. I will be putting in my first swing hook closures, since I love trying new things I'm really looking forward to this. Also over the next week or so I will be putting my corset dress patterns to the test with a couple of mock ups.

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