Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Joy of Swing Hooks.....

I started a couple of steamy themed underbust corsets with the intent of trying my swing hook closures.....and so far it's going super well. Boy do I love swing hooks, they're so much more fun to put in then normal busks!
Isn't the map fabric lovely? I just couldn't resist it! Since I have a lovely stash of fabrics I need to be using more of,  I decided to match it with white pvc instead of  leather - which would normally be my natural selection (I will be mixing this fabric with leather for another project so I think it's a good deviation).

The other one has a lovely montage newprint look which I thought I might as well do with black vinyl , keeping with the theme. I'm also doing single layer coutil corsets, which means I'll be relying on internal and external bone channels to achieve the effect so I want something with contrast anyway.
And here's a couple showing the swing hooks just as they went in.....

FUTURE BLOG POSTS.......more plans of corset making and corsets to come!

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