Sunday, June 21, 2015

Well 'Hello' 2015

Did I forget my blog for a rather extended period? Well yes, actually I did....lets see since last we spoke in 2014 I have had multiple house moves, the generally nuttiness of having a toddler and 2 teens, 3 months without home wifi and recently a death - it's been too easy to want to retreat into myself and shut out the world. But what good is that? Creativity is for sharing and blogging is really my own form of record keeping.....something of a reminder of the productive times and a way to mark down my goals and achievements. I think could I need that again in my life!!

Lets start with my favorite part of 2015 (and ignore all the stuff that wasn't knee slapping good times )......I have my own wee work room  -  and it's outside of the house which is perfect, this is a huge development for me and I'm super grateful!! It's all set up and semi organised and I can come and go as I please with out  the worry of things being disturbed (like they were when I had all my stuff in the corner of the lounge or in a tiny sun room in the entry way). My own little haven to work and create in - OMG finally!!!

So catch up time, I have actually been pretty productive recently particularly over the 3 months we had no wi-fi at home (long story but driveway installation dramas), but  I wasn't completely deprived as I visited the local library regularly and used cell data. Actually going to my local library was pretty cool, it overlooks the beach and pier (so super grand really). But seriously some real internet addiction got curbed too!!

CORSETS:- My favorite corset so far this year is this one below for a lovely local customer using this gorgeous 'Starry Nights' fabric.

Ok that's enough for now! First day back and all better go easy ;p

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