Sunday, December 12, 2010

Libby's Wedding Order

Over the weekend a very lovely customer of mine got married, she wore a beautiful custom made Silk Corset and Skirt created specially for her by Forge Fashion.

I can honestly say I'm not overly fond of taking wedding orders, but everyone needs bread and butter work (as long as there is no white meringues involved, make that any white full stop, I can usually be persuaded)........ actually some customers are just such a pleasure to work with I completely forget why the word 'Bridezilla' was ever invented! Libby was exactly like that - completely zen, so calm it started to make me nervous, lol seriously I've been blessed with so many patient, kind customers over the years I could almost just come to expect it. But I don't!! So Libby gets special mention for being a complete honey, not only do I applaud this women I also think her husband is going to be a very lucky man indeed!! :)

OK I know on with the pictures........

The corset is interfaced and also has a strength layer, it is lined with a gorgeous calligraphy print cotton. The straps have unique twist with the halter neck lacing.

And since I mentioned it, and it is really so lovely here is the corset inside out:-

I will definitely be looking forward to seeing pictures of the bride and her wedding party as they appear, hopefully at some stage I will be able to post a photo here :)

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