Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lisa Black Project - Nokia Gaming

I don't get to take credit for this one, it's more of a collaboration of sorts. You may remember an earlier post mentioning work I was doing for Lisa Black (the taxidermy artist), well the results of that are now up on line. The Campaign was for Nokia, sort of a tribute to the hands of gaming. Take a look:-

Hooded Character 

 Satyr Character 

Lisa had me make 3 character costumes for this project (x1 of them, which is my favorite has yet to be seen so I'll leave that one out for now).

The Satyr Character from my end just before it was sent away......

 And you can see here how Lisa adds her own special brand of clever, bringing the character to life:-

With the final results:-

And the Hooded Character.....

You can see Lisa's additions and the final results here:-

 **All in all is was a lovely experience working under Lisa's Creative Direction and I'm very proud  to have been involved. I also think Lisa is one very talented lady and am glad she trusted in my abilities enough to bring me on board for this project :)

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