Saturday, July 23, 2011

Working it through......

I'm busy working on orders again (a few to catch up on before I can start the next batch), plus trying to get other projects finished up and ready for my next photo shoot. So there should be plenty of posting over the next few weeks as various items come to completion *(as long as I can keep up with the busy)  :)

Recent Customer Order:-
This order was a bit on the tricky side, my customer has recently given birth to twins, so of course her body is not quiet the standard shape or size I'm use to dealing with. But since a corset is just the thing for extra curves, offering support and withdrawing inches it definitely deserved the challenge.

Initially  my customer wanted the  'Basic Curvy' style which though very shapely, is unfortunately not suited to waist sizes exceeding 28- 30", it is designed as a cheaper light option containing minimal panels and bone placement (more suited to S - M standard sizes).  Being that I had purchased the King and Company pattern not long before, and it offered more bone placement  I decided to use that as my base. With the adaptions added and a mock up made (some tinkering done at this point) I was  able to move ahead with my usual process.

And the results:-

It was an after thought but thought I should add a pic on the dolly - it really needs figure to show the shape :)

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