Friday, September 9, 2011

Plaid Basic 'Curvy' Corset

Remember how I was  planning another version of the 'Steampunk' Set in tartan/plaid?  If not check the original post here:-

Anyway I ended up using my Basic 'Curvy' pattern (now that it's been perfected).........but of course once it actually came together I found I wanted to make a few changes. The main being I wasn't as partial to the 'Ox Blood' leather with it as I thought I would be, so I ended up going black instead.......


I have cut out the 'Octo' Collar as well, though  I have yet to make it  up plus I'm also thinking about doing a skirt (I have a complete vision in my head so why not - it also means once I get back to Christchurch I can plan a photo shoot for the entire set) :)

*On another note I'm starting to think about next year.......I've been looking through my many sketch books, thinking about the piles of original designs I have that would be amazing to actually manifest (I would really like an opportunity to do more creative work). So I'm thinking a complete collection, with a Fashion Show or Exhibition the very least the satisfaction of starting work on some of my dream projects - it's a long list after all so it definitely time to get a start on :)

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Ruth said...

Next year sounds exciting! (It's gotta be better than this year anyway!) Yay for you doing some full outfits, can't wait to see them and maybe wear them!