Monday, January 2, 2012

Scales, scales and more scales...

Firstly Happy New Year!!
Secondly - why, why, why must the earth keep shaking here in Christchurch!!!
Thirdly - Updates......

What have I to report? well lets see - still making smaller items.......mostly of the scale variety, I had a pre Christmas burst, even got cards to hang them and did some handmade boxes.

My orders are starting to come forward, so have had to start organising my sewing room which hasn't been touched since we moved into the new house. But it's actually fun digging into boxes and refreshing my enthusiasm with long forgotten fabrics supplies.

I've also been having a lovely time with a good friend of mine indulging in some leisure activities, gardening and crochet (well actually lots of learning on my part and teaching on hers). And of course it's school holidays so there are few other creative projects getting done with my little people.

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