Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Steampunk Wedding Concept.....

I've been playing around with more line drawings, this time as a necessary aid in providing my customer with options for her steampunk wedding ensemble.

This is the initial style Niki picked from my corset collection:-
I think having straps definitely gives a lovely curvy 'bride to be' a little extra reassurance (so the ideal style in this instance).

Starting with the basic style.....
And then the same concept with a few additions......

Now we're getting more of a waistcoat look, which is perfect for that steampunk finish we're after.
And with that done my bride was easily sold on 'Vest B' - yay I will have wonderful challenge ahead (which is much more fun then the typical plain corset which is so often requested).

*I definitely enjoy doing these, they make a great style reference plus they give me a way to work on design concepts via my PC (since I spend so much time on it anyway), I've already created a nice little collection which I imagine  I will keep adding to  :)

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