Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Leather Knot Work....

I'm one of those people that always has a few things on the go, it usually means a lounge project (something crafty for in front of the tv), an order, and a random corset or two - just because.....This means I work across the board and everything ends up broken down into mouth size bites, so depending how I'm feeling or how much time I have I can always find something suitable to work on (and yes my beautiful little family has something to do with this)!

Currently I have a couple of orders that are just about to become more central in this mix, but before I get too busy lets look at what I've been doing for the last wee while, that is aside form adorning my lovely family in warming crochet goodies :)

I started this embroidered leather front panel while I was pregnant, but ended up putting it down, because if you haven't tried it.... well *this would be where I inserted swear words* it's hard work!

Thankfully after a wee break I've picked it up and happily continued, pliers and thimble in hand.

I think all my work doing 'Underworld' Replicas certainly inspired this, actually I have a few other 'leather knot work' pieces I'm excitedly planning for the future (fingers crossed).
So this week I actually got it to the shell stage......hurray it is actually starting to look like a corset.

I still have flossing detail to add, so I won't get to put away my thimble and pliers just yet!

But over all it is coming along nicely! It should have a 22" finished waist and be suitable for tightlacing. I already have plans for a matching outfit - think winter!!

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